Chair: A. Cervantes, ES

Local chairs: J. Parkes, ZA and B. Rapoport, ZA


Scientific Committee
Jeanette Parkes, Cape Town, ZA
Alex Adjei, Rochester, MN
Bernardo Rapoport, Johannesburg, ZA
Rolf A. Stahel, Zurich, CH
Andrés Cervantes, Valencia, ES


Registration 07:30-08:30

PROGRAMME OUTLINE – latest update 31  January 2017

Day 1 Friday

Session 1

Chairs: Bernardo Rapoport, ZA and Jeannette Parkes, ZA

08:30-08:45     Welcome address

08:45-09:00    Presentation of Fortunato Ciardiello, IT, ESMO President JosepTabanero SP – ESMO President – Elect

09:00-09:15     Identification of Specific Challenges in Africa – Raymond Abratt, ZA, Bernardo Rapoport, ZA

09:15-09:45     African Cancer Registries Network – D. Maxwell Parkin (AFCRN), UK

09:45 -10:05    Tobacco Control in Africa – William Bazeyo, UG

10:05-10:20     Panel Discussion

10:20-10:45     Break


Session 2

Chairs:  Georgia Demetriou, ZA and Alicia Sherriff, ZA

10:45-11.05     Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Africa – Joe-Nat Clegg-Lamptey, Ghana

11:05-11:35     Screening and Prevention of Breast Cancer – Solveig Hofvind, NO

11:35-12:05     Current Management of Breast Cancer – Fatima Cardoso, PT

12:05-12:35     Management of Breast Cancer in Africa – Daniel Vorobiof, ZA

12:35-13:15     Presentation and Discussion of 3 Breast Cancer Case Studies.

Early Breast Cancer, William Chabane (Registrar Clin Onc UOFS)

Locally Advanced Breast Cancer, Pauline Njoki Njiraini(Registrar Clin Onc UCT)

Her-2 + Breast Cancer: Dineo Tshabalala (Fellow Med Onc Wits University)

13:15-14:00     Lunch


Session 3

Chair: Hannah Simonds, ZA and KeoTabane, ZA

14:00-14:30     Epidemiology of Cervical Cancer in Africa – Jean-Marie Dangou, Congo

14:30-15:00     Screening and Prevention of Cervical Cancer – Lynette Denny, ZA

15:00-15:30     The Role of Surgery in Gynecological Cancers in Africa – Hennie Botha, ZA

15:30-16:00     Current Management of Cervical Cancer – Cristiana Sessa, CH

16:00-16:15     Panel Discussion

16:15-16:30     Break


Session 4

Chair:  Devan Moodley, ZA and Fatima Bassa, ZA

16:30-17:00     HIV Related Malignancies – Susan Krown, USA

17:00-17:30     Prevalent Lymphomas in Africa – Zainab Mohamed, ZA

17:30-18:00     Clinical Cases and Panel Discussion

2 Clinical Cases:

Kaposi Sarcoma, Sarah Twycross (Registrar Clin Onc UStell)

HIV-associated Ca Cervix, Nokwanda Zuma (Registrar Clin Onc UKZN)

18:00               Adjourn for Welcoming Function


Day 2 Saturday

Session 5

Chair: Michiel Botha, ZA and Raymond Abratt, ZA

08:00-08:20     Screening and Prevention of Prostate Cancer, Shingai Mutambirwa, ZA

08:20-08:40     Epidemiology and Management of Prostate Cancer in Africa, David Anderson, ZA

08:40-09:00     Management of Prostate Cancer in Africa, David Anderson, ZA

09:00-09:30     Current Management of Prostate Cancer, Alan Horwich, UK

09:30-10:30     Clinical Cases and Panel Discussion

Biochemical failure post Radical Prostectomy – the benefit of 68Ga –PSMA PET, Irene Chidothe (Registrar UCT)

High risk Prostate Cancer:”Managing pelvic nodal disease…”, Dr Laina Iiyambo (Registrar clin Onc UStell)

Metastatic Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer: “On second thought…”,Dr Ilze Fourie (Registrar clin Onc UStell)

10:30-11:00     Break


Session 6

Chair: Johan Fagan, ZA and Vinay Sharma, ZA

11:00-11:20     Head and Neck Cancers in Africa – Sameera Dalvie, ZA

11:20-11:50     Head and Neck Cancers – State of the Art – Jean-Pascal Machiels, BE

11.50-12:30     Clinical Cases and Panel Discussion

Head and Neck Cancer: Preyesh GovenShiba (Registrar Rad Onc Wits University)

A Parotid Tumour: Dr Sarah Fairhead (Registrar Clin Onc UCT)

12:30-13:30     Lunch – LUNCH TIME SYMPOSIUM – Sponsored by BAYER


Chair: Dr Wilhelm Van Zijl – Clinical Oncologist – Wilgers Hospital, PTA

Speaker: Prof Joe O’Sullivan – IRL

Lecture: Radium 223 – In Castration – resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer.

The Dawn of a New Era in Molecular Radiotherapy?


Session 7

Chair: Richard Khanyle and Paul Goldberg, ZA

13:30-13:50     Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Africa – Barbara Robertson, ZA

13:50-14:20     Hepatocellular Carcinoma – State of the Art, Jean-Luc Raoul, FR

14:20-14:40     GI Cancers in Africa – Paul Ruff, ZA

14:40-15:10     Colorectal Cancer -State of the Art – Andres Cervantes, ES

15:10-16:00     Clinical Cases and Panel Discussion

Colorectal cancer: Cleo Solomon (Fellow Med Onc Wits)

Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Ndivhuwo Dzivhani (Registrar Clin Onc U Limpopo)

16:00-16:15     Break


Session 8

Chair: Poovan Govender, ZA and Greg Hart, ZA

16:15-16:35     Lung Cancer in Africa – Bernardo Rapoport, ZA

16:35-17:05     Lung Cancer – State of the Art – Rolf A. Stahel, CH

17:05-17:35     Cases and Panel discussion

Early Lung Cancer: Heide Hart: (Registrar Clin Onc UCT)

Palliative Chemotherapy for Metastatic NSCLC: Paul Chilwesa (Registrar Clin Onc UCT)

17:35 Adjourn

17:45-18:45     EVENING SYMPOSIUM – Sponsored By MSD


Chairperson: Dr Georgia Demetiou, ZA

Speaker: Prof Nir Peled, Israel

Immunotherapy – The next Frontier in Lung Cancer Treatment

Speaker: Dr Bernardo Rapoport, ZA

Advances in Immunotherapy

Day 3 Sunday

Session 9

Chair: Tumelo Moyaba, ZA and Lee-Ann Jones, ZA

08:00-08:15     Radiotherapy Teaching and Training in Africa: Current status and the way forward, Jeannette Parkes, ZA

08:15-08:35     The Evolution of RT Techniques for Gynaecological Cancers in a developing country context, Hannah Simonds, ZA

08:35- 09:00 Developing Innovative Techniques for Neuro RT planning in a developing country context, Thurandrie Naiker ZA, Hester Burger, ZA

09:00-09:30     Current Advances in Radiation Therapy, Suresh Senan, NL

09:30-09:45     Break



Session 10

Chair: David Eedes, ZA and Paul Ruff, ZA

09:45-10:15     Pain Management in Africa – Rene Krause, ZA

10:15-10:45     Current Advances in Palliative Therapy – Stein Kaasa, NO

10:45-11:15     The Landscape of Systemic Cancer Therapy in Africa, Georgia Demetriou, ZA

11:15-11:45     Advances in Systemic Cancer Therapy – Alex A Adjei, USA

11:45-12:15    Panel Discussion: Towards an essential cancer drug compendium for Africa – Alexandru Eniu, RO

12:15-13:15     Lunch and adjourn